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The saga of the sagging headliner!

March 22, 2017

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Airbag Backrest Quandary!

January 2, 2018


I just came inside from helping a customer with a really frustrating, and (unfortunately) common problem:  The driver seat  backrest upholstery has worn through from repeated sliding in and out of the car, and the seat is equipped with an airbag.   Now they have a hole, which would typically be an easy fix – AND WE CANNOT TOUCH IT!!!?????     On any vehicle which has an airbag module built in to the backrest, and designed to deploy in a side impact, the airbag usually deploys through the seam at the outside edge of the backrest bolster.  This seam is constructed in special way for this purpose and cannot be replicated unless done in a manner which is certified by the federal government.   Unfortunately this precludes any trim shop from legally attempting this, otherwise really easy, repair.    What to do?  Basically 3 choices:  Throw an aftermarket slip cover over it and hope for the best (be sure it is designed for airbag seats), order a factory replacement seat cover from the manufacturer using your VIN number, or order an aftermarket seat cover kit (like Katzkin) which is made for your specific  year and model.   Trying to find another seat in a wrecking yard is a waste of time – nothing in there will be better than what you have.   We are happy to help you in any way we can….and, keep smiling!   Bryan


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